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Justin Bieber on Billboard Music Awards + Jelena kisses 

but but but, can we go back in time for a second

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Anonymous asked:
Why are u never on? :(

I am still on every single day cupcake, just not here. I’m on jelenuurr. Muah.

Anonymous asked:

I am still here love, but on my other account jelenuurr :)

Anonymous asked:
come back to tumblr :(:(:(:((:(:(

I AM on tumblr sweetie - just not on this blog anymore. Follow my new  account jelenuurr muah. :)

Anonymous asked:
give me the link to ur new blog pls. thank you i miss ur post and u

aw cutie, thanks. follow here

Anonymous asked:
CAN U PLS GIVE ME UR NEW ACCOUNT WHEN UR ON HERE AGAIN i can't find it for some reason and i miss ur posts :((

of course lovely. follow here. :)

Anonymous asked:
Why don't you post anything in this page :(

because I’m on my new one. follow here :)

Anonymous asked:
what is your new tumblr link?
Anonymous asked:
i'm happy you at least make a new one i love so much

i love you more. talk to you there ;)

Anonymous asked:
please give me your new account

here sweetie.

Alright, so I really am deleting this blog because of all the drama created in the past few days, buut I obviously can’t live without tumblr (lol, pathetic but true), so I decided to create a new account. So, go follow if you still want to keep in touch. I love you guys and thanks for always putting up with all my crap. It means a lot. (that sounded weird. lol) 


[more] Selena at the NewNowNext Awards tonight!

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